A Bathtub Liner to Suit Your Every Need

Bathtub LinerSome homeowners think having a bathtub liner installed is akin to placing a band-aid over a gaping wound. But those who have turned to Bathwraps know a liner can do much more than simply cover an unsightly tub. In fact, a Bathwraps liner can be fully customized to meet a household’s unique needs. Whether you wish to make your bathing experience more aesthetically pleasing or simply want a convenient built-in soap dish or caddy, we can manufacture a liner to create your ideal tub.

Even if your bathtub isn’t stuck in an earlier decade, you can still benefit from having a bathtub liner installed. Our liners are perfect for homeowners who:

  • Have a stained, cracked, or otherwise damaged tub
  • Want to transform the look and functionality of their bathroom at a more affordable price than a full remodel
  • Dream of having a tub that is easier to clean and maintain

We custom build our bathtub liners in our own factory, so you can rest assured that your liner will be made to your exact specifications. The 100 percent nonporous acrylic that we use to make our tub liners is not only mold- and mildew- resistant, but is also guaranteed not to crack, peel, or fade for as long as you own your home. Plus, our acrylic liners can hold heat up to 30 percent longer than steel and ceramic tubs.

The process of designing your custom bathtub liner can begin sooner than you might think. Click here to find a factory-certified dealer in your area today.