Bathtubs & Showers

Liners Direct supplies bathtubs and shower bases in a variety of sizes and colors for new construction or remodeling needs. Our shower conversion offers an easy solution for transforming bathtubs into spacious walk-in showers–especially useful for the elderly or physically-limited individuals. View More »

Tub Liners & Shower Liners

Liners Direct Bathtub and Shower Liners provide durable, cost- and time-efficient solutions for updating already-existing tubs and showers. View More »

Colors & Patterns

Whether you are looking for a solid color, granite or marble, we have the colors and patterns that allow you to develop your own look. View More »

Accessories & Fixtures

Our accessories and fixtures help you seamlessly transform your bathroom in style and add storage possibilities. View More »

Finishing Touches

Our wainscoting and window kits make your bathroom truly unique and add visual interest. View More »

Before & After Gallery

Browse our before and after gallery and see firsthand the difference a day can make. View More »