Invest in a Handicap-Accessible Shower from Bathwraps for Your Home

Handicap ShowerIf you need help designing a shower that is handicap-accessible, trust in the professionals at Bathwraps to meet each of your unique needs. Our custom showers are designed and manufactured in our factory to ensure that the final product has the features, benefits and unique design traits that you require for your home. We understand that household accidents are all too common in the bathroom, which is why we’re so proud to offer showers that are designed to help make the bathing process as safe as possible. If you suffer from a handicap and could benefit from one of our shower options, let our team help.

One of the first things you’ll likely notice about the showers that we offer is how quickly they can be installed. In most cases our certified installers can get the job done in only about a day. However, there is obviously much more to these showers than a quick installation. They are also:

  • Designed with safety in mind and come standard with very low (if any) thresholds, ergonomic chair-height seating, safety grab bars, and more
  • Customizable in terms of base color, wall surround, and finishing touches, to meet your specific aesthetic needs
  • Made from 100-percent nonporous acrylic, which is easy to clean and resists mold and mildew growth

In many homes, the bathtub is mostly neglected and ends up being little more than a hurdle that must be navigated when entering and exiting the shower. Rather than risking a slip and fall, why not replace this little used bathtub with a handicap-accessible shower that has the features that you require to improve the safety of the bathroom? To learn more about our tub to shower conversion service, click here to find a local Bathwraps dealer in your area.